Igloo Technologies sign House Outdoor Lights
Igloo Technologies sign House Outdoor Lights
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Igloo Technologies sign washroom
Igloo Technologies sign washroom


We manufacture World’s thinnest back-lighted commercial display panels.

Our panels are fast and easy to install, are designed for outdoor use, simple or double face.

Furthermore, our installation system allows to create variable sizes of back-lighted commercial panels using serval panels.

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Igloo’s unique technology allows to create ceramic-like back-lighted tiles.

Those tiles are being installed just as regular ceramic tiles and require no maintenance.

RGB with ambiance control systems and various shapes and sizes are also avaiable.

Igloo’s tiles are mostly used in showers and bathrooms but can be employed for any architectural designs, indoors and out-doors.

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Igloo has developed a unique and innovative lighting systems for pools, spas or any under water applications.

The light is evenly diffused and crates a whole new visual experience.

RGB systems are also available.

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